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National Junior Honor Society



Mrs. Janie West


Phone: 281.420.4560 X60040

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Mrs. Sylvia Bailey


Phone: 281.420.4560 X60126

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Membership is by invitation only to the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who qualify in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship, and service. Students will be evaluated by a faculty council before an invitation to join the Society is given. Induction will occur once a year in the second semester.


Standards for Induction to the National Junior Honor Society:


  1. A 92 overall average in all core classes (Language Arts, math, science, and social studies) for the fall semester. NO failing grades.
  2. No more than one “ N ” in conduct per grading period.
  3. No “ U ’ s ” in conduct, no conduct reports, no ISS assignments, no more than 2 detention assignments per semester.
  4. Exemplary signs of leadership, character, and service.




  1. A member will be placed on probation for Failure to maintain a 90 average in core subjects each six week period.
  2. Non-participation.
  3. Failure to maintain the qualities of leadership, character, citizenship, and service.




A member will be dismissed:


If his/her overall average drops below 85. For having 2 "N's" or a "U" in conduct, a conduct report, or an ISS assignment