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Counselor Julie DaSilva

Julie Dasilva


Phone: 281-420-4645

Welcome to the Counselor's Corner!


About Ms. DaSilva

My background is 24 years in education with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Counseling and School Administration. Crockett Elementary has been my home for 19 years. I love being a school counselor for our Crusaders. I enjoy teaching and helping students to become their best selves. A big part of developing your child is me going into classrooms and teaching life skills. Teachers as well as myself will teach character development using Character Strong Curriculum focusing on a trait each month. It is very important to me that our Crusaders have academic achievement and personal/social development. If you need to consult about your child’s well-being please feel free to call me.

1st Annual Elementary Student Roundtables

On April 12th, two 3rd graders Marco and Melaney and two 4th graders Dana and Romeo represented Crockett in the 1st Annual Elementary Student Roundtables. Students participated in sharing their "student voice" in our district improvement with the other elementary campuses, Dr. Reimonenq, Director of Social Emotional Learning and Mrs. Caldwell, Coordinator of Behavior & Mental Health Support Systems. We appreciate our Crusaders courage in sharing their ideas to help make our district and Crockett a better place to be.

March: Perseverance Character Celebration

  • March: Perseverance Character Celebration Pictures (counselor and students)

  • Is a Model of a Comprehensive, Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program which includes the four components of Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Planning, and System Support.


    The responsibilities of each area are:


    • Guidance Curriculum - Guidance lessons on a variety of topics; large-group consultations with students
    • Responsive Services - Individual counseling sessions; parent consultations regarding individual student needs; coordination with outside referral sources
    • Individual Planning - Academic and career guidance; parent and student consultation regarding planning and goal-setting; interpretation and analysis of assessment instruments
    • System Support - Community outreach; parent education programs; teacher consultation; school improvement planning


    Developing good character is an on-going process at Crusader Country. We focus on a different character trait each month. Our character traits are kindness, courage, cooperation, empathy, respect, perseverance, honesty, responsibility, gratitude, and creativity. For each classroom, the student who displayed the best example of that trait for the month is honored at a character celebration.

  • In addition, our goal is to help students learn problem-solving skills when faced with conflicts or dilemmas. Students learned about using their WIT and don’t throw a fit for conflict management.


    WIT means W=WALK away, I=IGNORE, and T=TALK it out. There are many other ways to manage conflicts such as tell them to stop, make a deal, go to another game, share and take turns, wait and cool off, or apologize. If a problem continues after trying to resolve it three ways or if you feel threatened, you ask for help by telling an adult such as the bus driver, teacher, lunch monitors, counselor, nurse, or principals. Each classroom has a IT'S YOUR CHOICE! Do you have a small problem? Try 2 of Kelso's Choices. Poster displayed in classrooms. We encourage students to refer to these strategies.


    Crockett Elementary’ s Counseling Program

  • Crockett's Helping Hands Crews on our campus are fifth graders that volunteer their time in providing a variety of services to help our school. We have the Flag Crew, Project Crew, Setup Crew, Library Crew, and Green Team Crew. These students are valuable leaders to our campus.

    Crockett has gone green by recycling paper products on our campus. The Green Team recycles on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our campus.


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