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Baytown Junior

RN Ms. Jones

Email: Jones, Julia L.,


Phone: 281-420-4560 EXT 60010

Baytown Junior Clinic

Welcome to the Baytown Junior School Clinic Information page. To the left you will see the link for the minimum State requirements for immunizations.


There are links with information regarding medications at school, the school illness policy, information on community clinics, and flu updates.


The school illness link has an informative video regarding hand washing and the medication link has printable forms for medication administration. I believe that healthy children do learn therefore please encourage those healthy lifestyles for your child.

Forms & Information
  • Every Kindergarten, first, third, and fifth grade student will have their hearing and vision screened. If the student fails either of these screenings a referral will be sent home recommending follow up with a physician.

    Students in first, third, and fifth grade will be screened for acanthosis nigricans. It is a skin condition that signals high insulin levels in the body. Acanthosis nigricans screenings can help identify persons who have high insulin levels and who may be at risk for developing diabetes.

    All fifth grade students will be screened for scoliosis. This screening will take place in the spring and parents will be notified prior to screening date. The purpose of the screening is to detect the signs of abnormal curves of the spine at their earliest stages so that the need for treatment can be determined. Scoliosis, a common spinal abnormality found in adolescents, is a sideways twisting of the spine. It is usually detected in children between 10 and 14 years of age.


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