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March 2013 - Stephanie Cottle

Stephanie Cottle is a World Geography and Human Geography teacher at Sterling High School. Ms. Cottle is a teacher who integrates technology into as many classroom activities as possible.

In 2012, Ms. Cottle was awarded an Education Foundation Grant for a class set o
f Promethean ActivExpression2 devices. Promethean ActivExpression2 are the student response system (or “clickers”) that integrate with the Promethean ActivBoard and ActivInspire software she has in her classroom. Ms. Cottle also received a Promethean ActivSlate, which is a wireless tablet that can control the board from anywhere in her room. Ms. Cottle can use it for instruction or pass it off to a student to interact with the lesson. 

Student using technologyCurrently Ms. Cottle is piloting a set of evaluation Google Chromebooks. She and her students are integrating Google Apps for Education into their daily activities. Students used Google Maps to create their own map that included placemarkers at different locations around the world. At each location students input information regarding that location as it relates to a daily quote shared by Ms. Cottle. At the end of the week, students submit their completed map via Edmodo. Edmodo is a learning management system that allows teachers to create assignments, share links, and start discussions on classroom topics. Students are able to communicate and submit work via Edmodo.
Student using technology
Students also used the Google Chromebooks to complete a Google Map Walk activity created by Ms. Cottle and Lori Roberts, Educational Technology Specialist. Students viewed a map and visited the different locations to answer questions based on the location, images, and information show. Students answered the questions 
via Google Drive on the Chromebooks where they were able to create a document that they could share with Ms. Cottle.


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