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April 2024 - Breanna Corbett

    Breanna Corbett
What Do You Teach?
I teach 8th grade ELA. I have been teaching ELA for 3 years
Where Do You Teach?
All 3 years have been at E.F. Green Junior!
How Does Educational Technology Play a Role in Your Classroom?
Educational technology is an essential in my classroom. I embrace that technology is our future and am constantly looking for new ways to incorporate technology in every lesson. From positive reinforcement in ClassDojo, annotations in Notability, Exit Tickets in Google Classroom, choice boards in Google Slides, digital stations on, building story settings in Minecraft, or grammar Blooket Battle Royals, we use technology every single day. 
How Do You Find Technology in the Classroom Helpful?
I find technology helpful in the classroom because it boosts student engagement. Students are constantly using their phones, iPads, or computers. It’s what they’ve grown up with. This makes them more inclined to participate if we are going to be using technology. Studies show that playing educational games in the classroom brings high levels of engagement, increases student motivation, and forms positive connections and memories of learning. Thus encouraging students to engage in the learning process and foster the idea that learning can be fun and rewarding. Also, who doesn’t want to play games and learn at the same time? 
What Is Your Favorite Piece of Classroom Technology? Why?
My favorite piece of classroom technology is the screencasting tool. Being able to share my iPad to the promethean board makes lesson modeling and active monitoring so much easier! I can cast a text in Notability to the board and we annotate it together in real time. This also gives me the freedom to move around my classroom while modeling because I just need to carry my iPad with me. I can stand anywhere in my room and model lessons/activities for students. Of course that wouldn’t be possible without the iPads provided to students and staff by the district! With iPads students are excited to engage in activities and lessons in class. Using JAMF and Apple Classroom helps minimize off task behaviors and disruptions in the lesson. 
What Is On Your Technology Wish List For Your Classroom? Why?
On my technology wish list is: Power banks and charging cables- there’s only so much space to sit at the cube to charge iPads in the classroom. By having portable power banks and multiple charging cables, students can sit in groups and charge their iPads together. Stylus- When annotating a text digitally most students prefer to use a stylus as opposed to their hands. Some students invest in themselves and purchase a stylus on their own. But having some on hand for students to borrow troubleshoots any issues with trying to write with their hands or type everything quickly. Class set of headphones- EdPuzzles, Music Monday, and other media can make the classroom sound loud and chaotic when it’s all playing at different times and volumes. Or we’re forced to all move at the same pace, hindering some of those advanced students from extending their learning. Having a class set of headphones for students to borrow when they don’t have their own can allow more independence when using videos and music for activities. 
What Do You Love Most About Teaching?
My favorite thing about teaching is building relationships with students and getting them excited about learning. 
What is one thing you would like to add to your tech wish list? 
Honestly there isn’t anything else on my tech wish list! 2-3 Power banks and cables, stylus and headphones are the only things we need outside of the iPads provided! If you're able to get one of those items, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Nominated by:
Ms. Young: “Mrs. Corbett uses technology to engage and guide students in the teaching & learning process. she uses notability as annotation tool for students to interact with the text digitally, google classroom for exit tickets, quizzes- to get immediate data to evaluate where here students' current level of understanding is to identify any misconceptions and reteach opportunities. Mrs. Corbett uses flippity for multiple uses such as, random selection of students and flipping words into complex/compound sentences using conjunctions. Mrs. Corbett is the best nominee for the Ed Tech of the month award we are grateful to have her at Green!”

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