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POINT Alternative Center Photo
POINT Alternative Center
Point Alternative Center (PAC) offers a new direction for GCCISD students assigned to the District Alternative Education Program (DAEP). The "Compass Star" logo symbolizes four major directions that students may navigate towards increased motivation and unlimited success.

  • Behavioral Placement Alternative Center for at-risk students (terms 15 – 60 days)
  • Students that are sent to PAC for behavioral placement will be withdrawn from their home campus and enrolled at PAC.  
  • Assignments will be requested by email from the PAC counselor for all Pre AP & AP subjects.  
  • Pre-AP and AP coursework and grade will be the responsibility of the home campus instructors. 
  • The PAC works on a point system and strives to improve student’s behavior with guidance and strategies of reinforcing the correct direction.  
  • A student can earn up to 35 points in one class period or lose 200 points.  
  • Points earned or lost will depend on the student’s behavior on the PAC campus.  
  • Students that fall below 140 points for the day will not receive credit for that day.  
  • The point system also has incentives and early release criteria a student may achieve.
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