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Technology Management Systems

The TMS staff is a highly engaged workforce that has a sense of responsibility to the students, the district staff, the community, and other stakeholders. We strive for greatness at every opportunity. The key factor that motivates TMS staff to accomplish our mission is clear performance expectations. These are observable behaviors and actions that explain how the job is to be done, plus the results that are expected for performance excellence. These expectations are communicated in S.M.A.R.T. goals, which are specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time-based. There are many other factors such as working with our nation’s assets—our children—our future, having access to the latest and greatest technology, as well as 100% accountability for all work performed. Our core competencies are the personal attributes and underlining characteristics, combined with technical skills that enable performance excellence. These competencies are consistent throughout the organization as types of behaviors that we wish to promote and develop. Our competencies are the foundation of our mission. With over 500 yeas of technology experience and the average tenure being 12 years per employee in the department, we deliver superior technology resources. TMS is recognized as a level 5 organization for superior service, the highest award given in the State.

Technology Service Catalog

Technology Services

The Technology Services team provides computer, tablet, laptop, printer, security camera, phone, and peripheral support, as well as Wide and Local Area Networking and Enterprise Systems Management.

Management Oversight

Management Oversight supports the customer services / help desk, Business and Financial systems, Student Information Systems, procurement, inventory management, and administrative training.

Educational Technology

The Educational Technology team trains teachers and students in the integration of technology in the K-12 curriculum, Career Technology, and support for library media services, Internet Safety and Cyberbullying. 

Support Baseline

Computers, Laptops, Tablets 33,189
Scanners, Printers, Video Cameras, and Projectors, other Peripherals 6,146
Phones and Cellular Phones 3,213
Network Accounts 29,199
E-mail Accounts 27,339
Network Connections 31,440
Servers & Network Switches 673
Wireless Access Points 2,405
Software Titles 49
Student / Financial Info Users 3,750
Eduphoria & Other Users 2,099


  • Computers & Peripheral Support
  • Phone, Video Surveilance, & E-Rate
  • Wide & Local Area Networking
  • Enterprise Systems Management

Management Oversight

  • Customer Service & Campus Technology
  • Administrative Training & Procurement
  • Financial Accounting
  • Student Information Systems

Educational Technology

  • K-12 Educational Technology Training
  • Teacher Curriculum Integration
  • Library & Media Education & Training
  • Student Assessment & Curriculum Management

Performance Excellence

TMS’ Performance Scorecard is a performance management system that focuses on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).KPIs define and measure progress toward goals. KPIs are quantifiable measurements, agreed to beforehand with set targets, that reflect critical success factors for TMS. The scorecard provides an analysis capability designed to translate our mission and overall organizational strategy into specific, quantifiable measures. It is a tool to monitor our performance each week in terms of achieving our goals. The advantage of the scorecard is that it aligns all staff members around common goals and strategies, building commitment and increasing accountability.
Key Performance Indicators Goal

Overall Score 95%
Customer Service 95%
System Availability 99%
Computer Availability 99%
Peripheral Availability 99%
SLA Emergency 95%
SLA Critical 95%
SLA Instructional 95%
SLA Administrative 95%
Productivity 85%
Time Accountability 100%
Direct Support 70%
Instructional Time Allocation 60%
Wellness Survey Results 80%
Training Effectiveness 95%
Centralized Backups 95%

GCCISD Network: Largest in Town

TMS’ Wide Area Network is the largest in the Baytown/Highlands community. The network spans over 26 miles, linking 34 sites with the highest connection speed (fiber GigE) using state-of-the-art technology at every site. Operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, our network availability average over the past 10 years is 99.8%. For emergency readiness — TMS maintains a generator that contains a 150 gallon diesel tank. It uses 3 gallons per hour with the network center is running at full capacity. It is estimated that the generator can run the data center for about 2 days.

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