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Network Services
The Network Services team is responsible for ensuring the integrity and stability of key district communication services and systems. The team is supported through a dedicated network administrative team, tasked with maintaining and deploying the core data networking infrastructure. Their primary services include:

Design, install, configure, maintain, and oversee Wide and Area Network (WAN/LAN) operations, including servers, workstations, and all associated server and network software.

Sustain instructional, administrative and workstation configuration settings throughout the district.

Create workstation and network software images for administrators, teachers, and students.

 esearch various software compatibility issues and address all GCCISD needs in this area.

Maintain network connectivity, including hub, router, switching, and wiring connectivity.

Perform various administration functions as needs occur, including creating login ID’s, helping users unlock passwords, helping users with printer problems, converting files, correctly using applications, configuring workstation addresses, and monitoring tape backups.

Provide support to all users and peers on daily basis.

Create and manage documentation and data integrity for all areas.

Manage and monitor centralized backups to assure 100% backup success.

Oversee the enterprise server, telecommunications, and WAN hardware / software equipment; work with telecommunications service provider and District sites to troubleshoot telecom problems; implement various topologies for new and existing circuits (e.g. Fiber Communications, point-to-point circuits), etc. 
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