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Raedean Brown

PEIMS & Attendance Clerk

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B.P. Hopper Primary Families, thank you for your support in helping your child maintain a good attendance record.  Remember, research supports that attendance directly affects academic achievement.  We need our students to be healthy and present to maximize their learning.
  • Upon the child’s return to school, send a written note within three (3) days to explain the nature of the absence. If a note is not received within three (3) days, the absence will be unexcused. These notes are maintained by the school for attendance records.


    The excuse should conform to the following:


    • Be written by parents or guardian - no other person is acceptable.

    • Show dates and periods absent.

    • Show reason for absence. If there is more than one absence and the reasons are different, state the reason for each day/period of absence.

    • Parent or guardian signature.No other person is authorized to sign absence excuses.


    If the school is not contacted, a school official will call parents about repeated absences. The District attendance office contacts parents about excessive unexcused absences. A student may be required to provide a doctor’s excuse for any absence that occurs after the student has accumulated 10 absences during the current school year.


    Parents and students are requested to check their report cards at the end of each six weeks to verify the accuracy of the attendance reported on the card. Students have one week after report cards are issued to contact the school to make any corrections or changes to their attendance. If errors are not reported by this deadline, it may be too late to make corrections.