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Academy of Culinary Arts at SCTHS

Students in the Academy of Culinary Arts earn college credit while they learn to feed the world while developing their passion for creating beautiful, healthy meals. Students study culinary techniques, nutrition, food chemistry, food processing and restaurant management in order to enter the 6th ranked industry on Texas Workforce Commission’s list of Gulf Coast Occupations with Most Jobs Added Due to High Growth. With a team of teachers at each grade level, students’ academic and technical classes integrate related culinary activities into their coursework and class projects span across academy courses. Students gain experience in the industry working in the on-site Culinary Café (Plate and Platter), along with catering community events and serving in internships in local business and industry. By the time these Culinary students graduate from high school with a Business & Industry Endorsement, they will have also earned Performance Acknowledgments for having completed their associate degree or certificate though Lee College dual credit classes and having earned industry certifications.
For more information, please contact Leia Miller (, CTE Coordinator.