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Mike Riojas


Student Workforce Connection Liaison


The Student Workforce Connection vision is to become the choice provider of teenage employees in the community by consistently meeting industry and business needs, wants and expectations.


The CTE Student Workforce Connection is actively seeking business partnerships within Baytown and the surrounding areas who wish to hire and or work in other ways with skilled and enthusiastic teens who are eager to apply classroom learning to work-based experiences.


You can ensure that our vision comes to fruition by committing to partner with our CTE Student Workforce Connection Program. 


Contact us when you are ready to hire teens for positions in your company! We can assist in selecting the most qualified and prepared GCCISD students for your company or business.


For more information, contact Mike Riojas, Student Workforce Connection Liaison.


  • Are you interested in job shadowing?  A job shadow is a learning experience that takes place at a business in your community that usually last from 3 to 6 hours.  During a job shadow, you follow a worker (called your "host") during a typical day and observe and ask questions about his or her work. You also complete written assignments that help you understand, think about and record the things you see, hear and learn.


    Why are job shadows important?  Identify career interest, observe the daily routine of workers, learn about the academic, technical, and personal skills required by by particular jobs, understand the connection between school, work, and your goals for the future, practice communication skills by interacting with workers, realize that different jobs are characterized by different work cultures and working environment, and navigate the community by traveling to and from the job shadow location.



    Student Job Shadowing 

    Contact: Mike Riojas (


    Job Shadows help you see what you need to know to do different jobs. If you go on a job shadow and you don't like it, then you start to realize that maybe you aren't the type of person for the job.  This way you get to see what it's really like before you make up your mind about what you really want to do in your future career.


    Job shadowing opportunities will be available at the beginning of the summer in June for interested students currently in grades 10 and 11, based on availability. 


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