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Career and Technical Education Course Application Process


It is the policy of GCCISD not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or age in its course enrollment process. Any student who has met the prerequisites for a course is eligible for enrollment.  All courses have an open enrollment policy. However, some courses do receive more student requests than can be accommodated. For this reason, students are required to complete applications for many high demand Career and Technical Education courses. Other courses and some specific programs have specific requirements set by the State of Texas or by local business and industry advisory committees.


Course Applications are scored based upon the

  • student’s grade level appropriateness,
  • student’s intent to complete all of the courses in the Program of Study,
  • student’s  intent to continue the Program of Study into post-secondary education,
  • student’s intent to pursue a career in the Program of Study,
  • related courses and occupational experience in a related area,
  • unexcused absences during the year prior to taking the course, and
  • disciplinary placements during the year prior to taking the course.


Program applications for internships and other activities may have criteria based upon input from industry specific guidelines. Students and parents should directly contact the teacher concerning and questions about program involvement.


Other questions and concerns concerning the application process for Career and Technical Education courses should be addressed to: 

RoxAnne Wyatt  |  E-mail

Director of Career and Technical Education

Goose Creek CISD
PO Box 30

Baytown, TX 77522