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If you plan to use a Google product with students, use your Google account.


Google Classroom is for 3rd to 12th grade students.


  • 1. Accounts & Signing In

    This video shows GCCISD teachers how to log into their Google Classroom account and covers common errors that can occur when logging in and how to prevent them.

    2. Profile Picture

    Learn how to update your profile picture to help students identify classes more easily.



    3. Notifications

    Learn how to customize your email notification settings for Google Classroom.

    4. Gmail Account

    Reminders on checking Gmail for Google Classroom notifications and steps to setup gmail to forward to main Microsoft Outlook email account.



    5. To-Do

    Discusses the To-Do section for classes you teach and classes you are enrolled in as a student.

    6. Classes Screen

    See how to organize your classes and what options the Class screen holds in Google Classroom.



    7. Class Creation

    Steps for creating a class in Google Classroom including recommended settings.

  • Teacher Review in Little SIS Video - WATCH FIRST!
  • 1. Themes

    Learn how to update your class theme.

    2. Class Settings

    View the different options available in Class Settings.



    3. Stream Posts

    Learn how to post to the stream.

    4. People Tab

    We explore the options for working with Teachers & Students in a class.

  • 1. Classwork Tab

    Explore the options available using the Classwork tab.

    2. Topics

    Learn how to use Topics to keep Classwork organized.



    3. Questions

    Learn how to use & assign both Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions.

    4. Materials & Reuse Post

    Learn how to create/share Materials and Reuse posts that were previously created.

    • 1. Grades Tab

      Information how to use the Grades tab in Google Classroom.

      2. Grade Settings

      If you want to use the Google Classroom gradebook, this video will show you how to get started.



      3. View Work

      Learn the various ways to view student work in Classwork.

      4. Grading with Rubrics

      Learn how to use the Rubrics for grading in Classwork.



      5. Grading Questions

      Learn how to grade Short Answer & Multiple Choice questions in Classwork.

      6. Grading Assignments

      A look into grading assignments via Google Classroom in a browser and using the iPad app. Also discusses the student view of graded work.



      7. Manually Grade Quiz Assignments

      Learn how to manually grade open-ended responses for a Quiz Assignment in Classwork.

      8. Import & Return Grades for Quiz Assignments

      Learn how to import & return grades for automatically graded Quiz Assignments in Classwork.



    5. Assignments & Rubrics

    Deep dive into the creation of assignments & rubrics in Classwork.

    6. Quiz Assignments

    Learn how to create a Quiz Assignment in Google Classroom.


This video will walk you through how to share files in Google Drive.



This video will walk you through how to use Google Jamboard and ways to utilize it for Remote Learning.


  • 1. Quiz Templates & Settings

    Learn how to create a template with basic questions & Quiz settings that can quickly use for future quizzes.

    2. Adding Questions, Key, & More

    Make a copy of your Quiz Template & then add questions, answer key, & point values for a variety of question types.



    3. Viewing/Grading Responses

    Learn how to view responses to manually grade open-ended question types.

  • 1. Build Locks

    Learn how to build "lock" questions and answers using a Google Slides template. Click here to access the template.

    2. Build the Form

    View step-by-step instructions on building a Digital Breakout form using Sections & Response Validation.

  • 1. Creating a Worksheet Review

    Learn how to use Sections & branching to create a worksheet review in Google Forms. 

  • Want to share a Google Form with co-workers but don't want them changing your original OR have to worry about their responses mixing with yours? Follow the instructions as shown in this video to easy force a copy of your form when sharing with others.


  • These instructions show how to assign with Make a copy for each student, so you can assist students & view their work prior to turning in.
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