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Seesaw is for Pre-K to 2nd grade students.


  • Quick Start for Teachers

    Learn how to get started and the essential Seesaw tools.

    Get Families Started

    Learn how to connect families with your Seesaw class.



    Collaborating with Co-Teachers

    Learn how to add co-teachers and manage class settings.

  • Remote Learning

    Learn how to use Seesaw for Remote Learning.

    Seesaw Folders

    Learn how to create folders and keep them organized.

  • Announcements & Messages

    Learn how to support relationships with families/students.

    Markup Items

    Learn how to quickly & easily markup turned in items.

  • Activity Library

    This video will show you how to browse the activity library.

    Create an Activity Collection

    This video will show you how to create an activity collection.



    Icon Shortcuts

    This video shows teachers how to place icons in Activity instructions.

    Going Deeper

    This video will show you how to create & deliver activities to students.



    Transformative Activity Templates

    Learn how to create multidimensional activity templates.

    How to Make an Activity on your iPad

    Learn how to make an Activity using your iPad and the Seesaw app.



    Create a Tabbed Notebook Activity

    Learn how to create tabbed notebook activities.

    Slider Activity

    This video will show you how to make an activity with a sliding number line.

  • What's New in Seesaw

    Learn the what's new and the best practices for using the new features.

    Create & Embed Random Generators

    Learn how to create & embed random generators.



    Pocket Charts

    Learn how to create a pocket chart in Seesaw.

    Menus & Choice Boards

    Learn how to create menus and choice boards in Seesaw.




    This video includes 3 tips for adding links in Seesaw

    Share your Weekly Planner

    Learn how to share your weekly planner in Seesaw.



    Graphic Organizers

    Learn how to make graphic organizers 

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