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Students/Families - iPad Resources


Parents of students who need an iPad to access virtual instruction must complete the iPad Loan Agreement form in Back to School Registration on the district website at


If registration was completed before the form was added, please go into Back to School Registration and complete the form.


Loan Agreements for reference ONLY.

Follow these instructions to install/update apps from Self Service.


Apps will NOT automatically update. It is good practice to update apps from Self Service weekly to make sure you have the most updated version.

1. Tap Self Service app
2. Tap INSTALL/REINSTALL next to an app

NOTE: When updating an app, the button will say REINSTALL.

Follow the instructions below to add your GCCISD email account to your Mail app.


If you need help with how to log in, click here.


App Dock

Learn how to use & customize the Dock to quickly switch between apps.

Move Apps & Create Folders

Learn how to organize apps into folders.




Learn how to open multiple windows of the same app, use two apps side by side, and more.

Slide Over

Learn how to quickly access your apps with a swipe, without leaving the one you're in.



Edit Text

Learn how to select, copy, cut, paste, undo, and redo changes.


Learn how to switch the keyboard to swipe to type.

  • Spoken Content

    These settings allow the iPad to read text aloud.

    Assistive Touch

    Customize this feature to easily access options.



  • How to Use Control Center

    Get quick access to the things you do most with the Control Center. Learn how to add & delete controls.



    Screen Recording

    Learn how to record anything on your iPad screen.

    Accessibility in Control Center

    Customize Control Center with the accessibility features you use the most including Text Size, Hearing, & Magnifier.

    QR Code Scanner

    Quickly access the QR Code Reader when you need to scan a QR code.

  • Start Using Screen Time

    Learn how to reduce interruptions and set limits to help manage screen time for yourself.


    Learn how to schedule breaks from apps on your device to help you relax or focus on other things.

Reader View

Learn how to use Reader View to de-clutter and minimize distractions on websites.

Reading List

Learn how to save websites to the Reading List and how to access those sites at a later date, with or without an Internet connection.




Learn how to access the files you download in Safari.

Full-Page Screenshot

You can screenshot an entire article, webpage, email, note, or document even if it doesn't fit on your device's screen. Learn how to take the screenshot, mark it up, and save it as a PDF.




Keep your bookmarks organized.


Learn how to take a screenshot on your device that you can save, share, edit, and more.


Use the Markup feature in Photos to annotate a photograph.

Learn how to use the Notes app to scan a document and save as a PDF.


How to set up Screen Time on iPad or iPhone




JAMF Parent Restrictions
Click here to view in new window

Be sure to follow instructions in these videos or you will lose everything on your device when it is collected.


Cloud Storage Options

Learn the different options for backing up photos, videos, and app data including iCloud and Google Drive.

Backing up App Data to iCloud

Learn how to backup files/data from apps to iCloud.



Backing up Photos/Videos to Google Drive

Learn how to upload photos/videos from Photos to Google Drive.