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April 2013 - Angela McDaniel

Angela McDaniel is a 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Highlands Junior School. Mr. Foxworth, the principal of Highlands Junior School stated, “Mrs. McDaniel is an outstanding professional and team leader who is committed to having students engage and learn through technology…She consistently makes a tremendous difference in the lives of her students”.

This year, Mrs. McDaniel received a class set of Lenovo netbooks through a district technology initiative. Throughout the course of the year she infused technology into existing projects and concepts which has triggered enthusiasm and increased self-efficacy in student learning. Students have been able to research colleges and professions of their choice using their netbooks for career week and are currently creating video projects on events in European history using Microsoft OneNote. Students will share their end product with classmates via Edmodo, a communication platform much like that of Blackboard that many colleges use. 

Student using technology
Mrs. McDaniel uses Edmodo weekly in her classroom, it has given her the opportunity to differentiate student learning and allows students to communicate with her outside of school in a safe environment. The Edmodo platform has helped bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers in regard to assignments. Parents “know they can look on Edmodo if their child needs to look up directions for an assignment and it also provides an opportunity for them to ask a quick question and promptly get feedback because there’s an app for that,” said Mrs. McDaniel.
Student using technology
This innovative campus and district leader has also implemented positive reinforcement platforms utilizing technology including Class Dojo and Learning Earnings. Learning Earnings’ mission is to encourage and recognize hardworking students for their individual accomplishments. Students use their Learning Earnings bucks (awarded for accomplishing goals) to go online and “purchase” rewards funded by corporate sponsors. Mrs. McDaniel noted that her proficiency and use of technology in her classes would not have been possible without the support of Melissa Botkin, Technology Integration Specialist for the 6th grade Social Studies initiative.