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April 2015 - Kiabeth Lopez

Kiabeth Lopez
What Do You Teach?
Where Do you Teach?
Victoria Walker Elementary
How Long Have You Been Teaching?
4 years

How Does Educational Technology Play a Role in Your Classroom?
We use it everyday and in every lesson. From the Promethean board to the clickers, it's easy and fun to use in a kindergarten class. Student using technology
How Do You Find Technology in the Classroom Helpful?
I use it for everything, so it pretty much makes teaching so easy.

What Is Your Favorite Piece of Classroom Technology? Why?
It's very useful and I don't think it would be so easy to teach without it.
What Is On Your Technology Wish List For Your Classroom? Why?
I would love iPads for small group centers. That would be the cherry on top of all the technology that we have in the classroom.
What Do You Love Most About Teaching?
The outcome that you get from each student and working with them. That is the best part of teaching.

Nominated by:
Demetria Broussard, Victoria Walker Elementary Teacher "Mrs. Lopez teaches her students how to be leaders in the classroom with the use of technology. She has put her new Promethean board to good use to enhance her students learning. She creates flip charts to use with lessons. Mrs. Lopez has setup and organized the use of the slate board and response clickers for her students. It is amazing how she has learned how to implement and integrate technology in the classroom setting."