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October 2015 - Darlene Malco

Darlene Malco
What Do You Teach?
Where Do you Teach?
Goose Creek Memorial High School
How Long Have You Been Teaching?
15 years

How Does Educational Technology Play a Role in Your Classroom?
I do not have my own classroom, however the teachers that I do get to collaborate with use technology as a way to deliver the content to kids with different abilities and learning styles. Personally, I use iPads to help provide support to the students I work with.
Student using technology
How Do You Find Technology in the Classroom Helpful?
I believe technology is helpful because it allows students stay engaged. These kids truly are "digital natives," so using technology is a way of speaking their language and making the information readily available to them.

What Is Your Favorite Piece of Classroom Technology? Why?
My favorite piece of classroom technology is the Audio Exam Player App on the iPad. I work with many kids who have the oral administration accommodation and pacing becomes an issue when you are reading to more that one student at a time. This app allows the student to take control of their own testing experience by allowing them to move through the test at their own pace. It has been a "game-changer" for me and my department!
What Is On Your Technology Wish List For Your Classroom? Why?
My wishlist would be a set of iPads dedicated only for testing. Also, I'd love to become best friends with a person who can code and build apps for me, that way I could personalize the support I provide for students.
What Do You Love Most About Teaching?
Student using technology
I love the fact that in some way, I can have an impact on the future. I love helping students overcome the challenges that come with embarking on new things and I love collaborating with teachers who also consider this profession a calling.

Nominated by:
Lisette Rosa Hernandez, teacher Goose Creek Memorial High School
"Darlene Malco was in charge of figuring out the application for Audio Exam Player for all oral testers at GCM for the fall final exam. She is in the upfront of technology and tries to be a step ahead of it. Darlene trained other special education teachers on how to use the app and how to monitor and assist students with Audio Exam Player."