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February 2017 - Lacey Choate

Lacey Choate
What Do You Teach?
4th Grade Math and Science
Where Do you Teach?
Highlands Elementary
How Long Have You Been Teaching?
4 years

How Does Educational Technology Play a Role in Your Classroom?
Technology is used in my classroom on a daily basis. Students come into class every morning and complete Target board on the iPad using the app Classkick. With Classkick, students can work individually while I check what they are doing and give feedback. We use the Promethean Board to take quizzes using ActivInspire and the Clickers. Students have also used Popplet to create webs and they turn their product into me by scanning the QR code for my Padlet. It is convenient and my students enjoy being able to use technology for learning.

students use technology    students use technology
How Do You Find Technology in the Classroom Helpful?

Technology in the classroom is useful because it gives students the ability to see something different and not just pencil and paper all the time. Students are able to take control of their learning and be creative and expressive. Technology is convenient to be able to see results of questions that I ask and to take polls. The Promethean is helpful when students need brain breaks because we are able to put on GoNoodle.
What Is Your Favorite Piece of Classroom Technology? Why?
My favorite piece of classroom technology is my Promethean board because with it learning is more fun and interactive. Students are able to show what they know by coming up and solving problems and they get excited to be able to use it. The Promethean Board makes learning more interesting and fun for students.
What Is On Your Technology Wish List For Your Classroom? Why?
I would love to have an Apple TV, so that students can be more interactive with lessons using the iPad. It will be an easier task viewing and displaying students work on the Promethean if we had an Apple TV in the classroom. Also, I would like several Osmos in my classroom. It is a base that attaches to the iPad and tile packs are purchased. It ask questions then the students use the tiles to answer. Questions get more complicated and faster as the student continues the activity.
What Do You Love Most About Teaching?
Teaching is an extremely rewarding job. I love making a difference in the lives of children. I enjoy seeing my students light up when I inform them of a fun activity or science lab that they will get to do. Teaching is different everyday and I am amazed with how my students act and how they keep me laughing daily.

Nominated by:
Diana Truesdale, Elementary Technology Integration Specialist
"Lacey Choate is a phenomenal teacher in many regards. Not only does she care for her students and genuinely have a passion for teaching, she is also innovative and a go-getter. The first week of school, she had her class on the iPads! Early in the week they used Popplet to set goals and then posted them to Padlet so that at the end of the year they could determine if the goals were met. Her Math Target warm ups are done paperless through an app called ClassKick. She can see her students working live and can even respond to individual students or the whole class. Ms. Choate is always looking for new ways to engage her students and views technology as one way to achieve that goal. She is truly an Ed Tech Star!"