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Ed Tech Star of the Month

January 2019 - Stephanie Stover

Stephanie Stover
What Do You Teach?
3rd Grade GT Self-Contained
Where Do you Teach?
Harlem Elementary School
How Long Have You Been Teaching?
13 years

Students using technologyHow Does Educational Technology Play a Role in Your Classroom?
We use educational technology daily in our classroom. We use it reinforce the skills taught, to explain our learning, and to present information learned in new ways.

How Do You Find Technology in the Classroom Helpful?

I find technology useful because it helps me to differentiate. The students can show their thinking in many different ways. They can create timelines and graphic organizers with Popplet, biographies with Chatterpix, create visual representations with PicCollage and use math learning center apps to explain their understanding of math skills. All of our learning is documented in Seesaw where parents can see their progress and keep up with what we are doing in class.
What Is Your Favorite Piece of Classroom Technology? Why?
My favorite piece of technology is the app Seesaw! We do all kinds of activities on Seesaw. Most of them involve App Smashing. We use Chatterpix, Popplet, and interactive manipulatives and use Seesaw to explain our thinking and show parents the things we have learned. We set goals, practice fluency and post class photos. Seesaw is AMAZING!

What Is On Your Technology Wish List For Your Classroom? Why?
iPads!! In order to get iPads for each student, I have to borrow from other teachers. There are times when I have 7 and there are times I have 18. If I had a class set, I could plan easier knowing what technology I will have everyday and I could be more intentional with my lesson planning.

What Do You Love Most About Teaching?
The thing I love most about teaching is seeing the kids faces when they learn something new. Nothing is better than a child being excited about learning. They get excited to know things, make connections and share their learning with others. I love making learning fun and engaging. The use of technology has definitely increased the amount of time engaged.

Students using technologyNominated by:
Aleasha Shipley, Librarian - Harlem Elementary "Mrs. Stover uses technology to teach and learn in her classroom. She is always having the students think more critically and on a higher level in order for them to excel in their learning."

Lisa Gauthreaux, Elementary Technology Integration Specialist
"Mrs. Stover goes above and beyond to integrate technology into her curriculum to keep her students engaged and excited about learning. She uses Seesaw and Google Drive along with all the apps that are on the student iPads for student to create and share their work. She has invited families to share in the experience of digital portfolios and has even offered AM learning sessions for the teachers to find out more about Seesaw! She is purposeful in making sure that there are always iPads or laptops in her classroom for her students to use independently or in groups."