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Apply for the Goose Creek Virtual Academy

  • Students that are in grades 4-12 in the 2024-2025 school year and live within the boundaries of the Goose Creek CISD.

    * Acceptance is not guaranteed based on the submission of application



    Characteristics of successful Virtual Learners:

    • Earned an 70 or better in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
    • Achieved satisfactory achievement or higher on each STAAR assessment administered last school year.
    • Independent Learner
    • Self-Motivated & Disciplined
    • Willing to seek help when needed
    • Commit time during the day for direct instruction through Webex
    • Behavior reflects kindness, scholarly participation, and collaboration

    Requirements of Virtual Learners:

    • Attending in person for state mandated and district testing
    • May be required to attend in-person sessions with their teachers periodically
    • Have support at home from Caretaker or *Learning Coach


    Learning Coach

    • Set up designated workspace
    • Attend the Learning Coach training sessions
    • Stay in communication with school and teachers
    • Create a structured schedule and routines for the asynchronous times during the day
    • Help train student(s) how to manage time effectively


    Supplies Needed

    • Must have reliable internet connection
    • iPad/Laptop/Desktop-technology may be provided by the district
    • Basic school supplies (paper, pencils, etc.)

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    • Be prepared to engage in the lessons
    • Mic on mute and unmute when speaking with teacher or class
    • Camera on during direct instruction
    • Be fully dressed and in quiet, public space in your home
    • Seek help when needed
    • Communicate with your teacher
    • Check your classes often in SeeSaw/ Google Classroom
    • Academic integrity is expected just as it is in a face to face classroom.


    • Students may not accumulate more than 10 unexcused absences throughout the year while attending the Virtual Academy.
    • Daily attendance of 6-8 hours of coursework through Edgenuity activities and/or WebEx meetings

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  • Will the Goose Creek Virtual Academy fit your lifestyle and academic needs? Here are some questions to consider when deciding if this academy is right for you. 


    Why attend the Virtual Academy?

    We have found many students that have succeeded and flourished in this educational setting. Were you one of those students able to succeed and launch your academic success through virtual learning? We are sure you already know that it does require more time and commitment than the traditional classroom. 

    The Goose Creek Virtual Academy (GCVA) will look and feel different than the virtual learning you experienced during the 2020-2021 school year.  Along with a few other changes, you will have more flexibility in organizing your study/assignment schedule but you will still be required to attend synchronous sessions daily with your instructor(s). 

    Don’t consider the Virtual Academy because you think the work will be easier than in a traditional class.


    Are you able to schedule time to work on assignments and follow through to meet deadlines?

    Good time-management skills are essential for successful online learning. Students must be disciplined and structure their own schedules.  It’s very easy to become distracted by personal or work commitments when you are not in the traditional school setting.


    Are you comfortable with computers?

    You don’t have to be a computer genius to succeed in an online course.  You should possess basic computer skills: finding, opening, saving, printing, and managing files using Google Drive, Microsoft Office applications; and be able to use WebEx for video conferencing. Additionally, you must be able to manage emails, send file attachments, and search the web.  

    If you are easily frustrated or intimidated by computers, this may not be the best academic setting for you. 


    Are you willing to ask for clarification or help?

    If you experience difficulty on any level ( either with technology or the course) you must communicate this with your instructor immediately.  Many of the non-verbal cues instructors use in determining whether students are having problems ( confusion, boredom, frustration) are not visible in the online environment. The instructor may never know there is an issue if you do not reach out. 


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