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Business Services

The team is supported by highly specialized staff that are dedicated to providing the following services:

  • Provide day-to-day support for Business Services software: knowledge of the system workflows, processes and database structure.
  • Provide support for custom business processes and procedures: Punchout Catalogs, Dashboards, etc. 
  • Provide system analysis, troubleshooting, custom reports and queries for Business Services. 
  • Download and convert all necessary files to external applications and 3rd party software vendors. 
  • Provide technical leadership in complex systems and analysis to key stakeholders along with documentation and training. 
  • Conceptualize and design computer programs and/or systems to solve complex problems and meet customer needs.
  • Provide support for end-of-month processing: TRS, ACA, Unemployment Filing, etc.
  • Provide Support for quarterly processing: PEIMS submissions, 941 forms, etc.
  • Provide support for yearly processing: salary adjustments, calendar structure, budget setup, increment tenure, position initialization, professional contracts, stipend update, build service records, reconcile warehouse catalog, fixed asset upload, analyze position control, reconcile open encumbrances, analyze and accrue purchase orders and outstanding invoices. W2s, 1099s, CRDC, Affordable Care Act.
  • Provide support to Finance Department for annual budget preparations and implementation. Manage Approver workflows. Maintain end user notifications. Support check request, budget change request/travel and employee reimbursements.
  • Provide support to Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits to support employee pay and fringe benefits, Manage Approver workflows. Maintain end users notifications. Support time clocks maintenance. 
  • Provide Support to Purchasing Department with back end configuration of ShipTo Locations and Receiving and to maintain Requisition Security and Requisition Hierarchy. Manage Approver workflows. Maintain end user notification. 
  • Work with ERP/SIS vendor and providing technical support for issues with applications and problem resolution. 
  • Maintain ERP/SIS system configuration for criminal history, applicant tracking, substitute placement, hiring/transfers/separations, timekeeping/timecards, account number maintenance, payroll, security, benefits and deductions.
  • Stay abreast of State and Federal mandates, ensuring that the ERP/SIS software can fulfill these mandates, and make system configuration changes when required. 
  • Configure and maintain Security Access for ERP/SIS application system.