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Every position within GCCISD depends in some way on technology. The following picture link will take you to our New Employee Orientation Smore with some helpful explanations and instructions on how to access district technology resources.

2023-2024 New Employee Orientation Smore

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Still have questions?

Who to contact:

Gary Lackey

Director of Cybersecurity



Carlos Ramirez

Technology Support Technician


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Who to contact:

Nancy Bonds

Educational Tech Specialist
High School

EXT: 73687

Regina King
Educational Tech Specialist
Junior High

EXT: 73695

Laurinda Glenn
Educational Tech Specialist

EXT: 73726

Resource Links
  • Student Supports for Online Testing

    Spelling Assistance - The Student Experience

    Managing Student Support Statuses for Online Testing

    Proctoring Student Supports for Online Test Administration - Teachers

    Managing Images for Text to Speech

    Text to Speech - The Student Experience

    New Aware Test Authoring

    New Create a Test Options

    Quick Guide For New Testing Authoring

    Administering a New District/Campus Test in Aware 

    Viewing the New Aware Test Authoring Interface

    Adding Item Bank Test Items to Aware Tests

    Adding a New Blank Question in Aware

    Formatting Questions in Aware

    Adding Questions to Quick Test Keys in Aware

    Editing the layout View in Aware

    Editing the Test Key View in Aware

    New Aware Online Testing

    Online Testing on Mobile Devices

    New Test Available Options

    Taking an Online Test - The Student Experience

    Administering an Online Test - Teacher Proctoring Experience

    Basic Data Analysis

    Analyze Tab Reports for Teachers

    Analyze Tab Reports for Administrators

    Searching on Analyze Tab

    Viewing Assessment Data as a Teacher

    Viewing Assessment Data as an Administrator

    Changing Templates

    Levels and View Refinements

    Data Pivot

    Sorting a Column

    Coloring and Orientation Options



    Drilling Down


    Receiving a Sent View

    State Comparison

    Student Inventories

    Student Inventories

    Scoring Student Inventories

    Teacher Teams 

    Team Tests - An Overview

    For District Aware Managers: Test Configuration Options and Team Tests

    Creating and Managing a Teacher Team in Aware - Teachers

    Creating and Managing a Teacher Team in Aware - Administrators

    Creating a Team Test

    Team Test Administration Options

    Teacher Teams and Viewing Data

    Teachers without Student Rosters

    Teacher Teams FAQ

    Building and Editing Data Views for Admins

    Editing Views

    Saving Views

    Sharing/Sending Templates & Views

    Managing Views

    Custom Data File Viewing

    Auto Summarizing Tests

    Summarize by Subject

    Average Tests

    Vertical Views


    Longitudinal Data

    Summarizing on Monitor Groups and Forms

    Local Test Analytics

    Test Analytics Overview

    Information Section

    Statistics Section

    Reliability Section 

    Graphs Sections 

    Item Statistics Section 

    Student Monitoring

    Student Profile

    Monitor Groups and Approving Monitor Lists

    Creating Monitor Lists

    Student Portfolios

    Building and Managing Student Portfolios

    Assigning and Scoring Student Portfolios

    Axiom Accountability

    Purchasing and Pricing Information

    Getting Started with Axiom


    Leadership Report Card and Student Learning Reports

    Subcluster Intervention Report

    Quintile Analysis Report

    IQ Data Report

    TEKS Scaffold Report

    Threshold Analysis

    Calculating Checkpoints - The Math Behind Your Aggregated Data

    FAQs and Purchasing Information

    Managing Feeder Patterns

    Local Assessment Creation

    Questioning Weighting 

    Creating/Editing Equations - How to use LaTex

    Inserting Images into Questions

    Supported Audio & Video Files in Aware Online Testing

    Associating a Test with Students

    Administering a Test

    Assessments Tab - Searching for Assessments

    Supported Scanners


    Importing Test Scores

    Scantron Printing and Scanning

    Scantron AEIS IT/Scan IT Forms

    eInstruction CPS by Turning technologies

    All In Learning

    Test Administrator as a Teacher

    Administering a Test


    eInstruction CPS by Turning Technologies

    Insight 360

    Item Bank

    Unlicensed Items

    Item Bank

    Item Bank Workflow

    Assign Delegates

    Item Bank Reports

    Student Forms

    Creating Student Forms

    Assigning Student Forms

    Archiving Student Forms

    Aware Forms Community

    Personal Graduation Plan

    Student Forms Reports

    Aware Management

    Retrieving DAT Files from ETS for Uploading STAAR Data

    ISIP Reading for Istation Data Retrieval Help

    Remove Pop-Up Error in Aware Scanning 

    Test Importer File Validator

    Hosted Customer Roster Information and Troubleshooting

    Roles and Rights

    Coding Courses

    Uploading Test Files in Aware

    Configure Test Types

    Custom Data Files: Overview

    Creation/Management of Custom Import Test Types

    Custom Data File Management

    Custom Data File Importing

    Assessment Categories

    Adding/Editing Student Test Files

    Configuration Options

    Mass Editing Assessments

    Updating Learning Standards Aware-Forethought

    Updating Learning Standards Aware-Forethought

    Aware FAQ

    Why can't I edit, delete, or add a question on a test?

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  • For Teachers & Staff

    Make a Reservation

    View Reservation

    For Inventory Managers

    Manage Rooms - Add, Edit, Copy, Mass Edit

    Manage Assets - Add or Mass Edit

    Import Rooms

    Import Assets

    Guest Reservation Workflows and Fee Schedules

    Manage Facilities & Event Settings

    Roles & Rights

    Set General Settings for F&E

    Set School Hours

    Set Building Zones

    Build Room Types

    Create Budget Codes

    Use Calendar Categories

    Reservation Setup

    Public Reservation Management

    Calendar Management

    Link F&E to Helpdesk

    Roles for Connecting Helpdesk and F&E

    Connect F&E to Helpdesk

    For Reservation Managers

    View All My Schedules

    Show all Requests

    Approve, Deny, or Delete a Reservation

    For Calendar Managers

    Posting a Calendar to the Web

    Publishing a Reservation to Web Calendar

    Adding an Event

    Asset Management for Students

    Assign F&E Roles & Rights

    Assigning Assets to Students Using Kiosk

    Managing a Mobile Lab

    Step 1: Create the Mobile Lab

    Step 2: Add the Lab to a Campus

    Step 3: Create Reservation Workflow

    Step 4: Create Calendar for Mobile Lab

    Step 5: Managing Reservations & Calendars

    F&E Reports

    Use the Program Evaluation Survey Report

    Access F&E Reports

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  • Start of School - Forethought

    New Teachers - Setup Your Lesson Planner

    New Teachers - Navigate the Lesson Planner

    Returning Teachers - Edit Your Planner Schedule

    Forethought for Curriculum Managers

    Updating New Curriculum Standards (Texas, TEKS, etc.)

    Shortcuts to Entering Curriculum (Video Tutorials)

    Setup Options, Decorators, & Checklists

    Manage the Course Tree

    Manage the Learning Standards

    Create a New Course with Learning Standards

    Managing Activities

    Managing Delegates

    Scope and Sequence 


    Updating Standards (Texas Only - TEKS)

    Forethought for Principals

    Viewing Teacher and Team Planners

    Generating Reports

    Forethought for All Teachers

    Navigate the Lesson Planner

    Customize Your Lesson Planner

    Write a Lesson Plan

    Create & Share Activities

    Share a Lesson Planner

    Create a Team Planner

    Time Saver: Use Mirrored Courses

    Lesson Plan Shifting, Copying, & Advanced Features


    Training Materials

    Training Videos

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  • Formspace for Managers

    Learn Formspace Terminology

    Setup Formspace Role & Rights

    Set General Options

    Import Free Templates from the Community

    Export & Clear Form Data

    Archive Documents


    Run Form Analysis Report

    Run Survey Analysis Report

    Creating Surveys

    Creating Surveys

    Personal Surveys

    Building Forms

    Learn the Different Form Types

    Create & Edit Forms

    Use Form Questions Types

    Set Form Workflows

    Use Form Sections

    Approve and Receive Forms

    Create Web Forms

    Create a School Form

    Run an Election

    Access Data, Printing, & Form Settings

    Upload District Documents

    End User: Submitting Forms & Surveys

    Submit and View Forms

    View District Documents

    Complete a Survey

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  • Tasks for Teachers/Appraisees

    View Evaluation Documents

    Upload Document Evidence

    Clear Your Electronic Signature

    Navigate the Enhanced Professional Development Tab

    Manage Your Certifications in Your Portfolio

    Register for Professional Development

    View Your PD Schedule

    Take an eCourse

    Request Outside PD Credits 

    Complete a PD Survey

    Transfer Credits from Another District

    Add a Professional Goal

    Add Student Growth Goal

    Move Goals to Evaluations Tab

    Goals - Add Evidence 

    Goals - Complete & Archive

    Attach Aware Student Portfolio to a Student Growth Goal

    Information and Updates

    New Strive Features

    Explore the Goal Details Spreadsheet Export

    About Strive 

    Strive Brand Guide

    Strive for Course Managers/Instructors

    PD- Import Custom Data

    Mass Enrollment Import

    Manage Attendance Options for Courses

    Understand Roles & Access 

    Understand the Life of a Course

    Link to External Professional Development

    Create a School/District Course

    Modify Course Description Settings

    Modify Course Credits & Categories

    Create a Course with Multiple Sessions

    Manage Your Courses

    What is an eCourse?

    Create an eCourse

    Author an eCourse

    Instruct an eCourse

    Tasks for Principals/Appraisers

    Select Your Appraisees

    Approve Goals

    Learn How To Start an Evaluation

    Download Appraisee Data

    Use Goals to Track Growth

    Plan for the End of Year Summative 

    Clear an Electronic Signature

    Archive Teacher Goals

    Reports - Run Appraisal Reports

    Reports - Appraisal Analysis - Document Analysis

    Reports - Appraisal Analysis - Framework Analysis

    Reports - Run PD Reports

    Reports - Run the Custom PD Report

    Lock an Evaluation Document

    Copy Observation Data to Summative Form

    View Staff Portfolios

    Approve Credit Requests

    Create a Summative Document

    Find Answers FAQ

    Manage your T-PESS Goals

    Strive for Managers - Appraisal Settings
    Create SLO Success in Aware & Strive
    Strive Setup Checklist
    Archive Appraisals & Goals
    Set Up Strive Roles & Rights
    Build & Modify Frameworks
    Build Appraisee Types
    Design the Evaluation Process for Appraisee Types
    Setup Summative Copy from Observation
    Update Evaluation Templates
    Setting Up a Template for Scoring
    Using Other Documents and Uploaded Documents
    Using Electronic Signatures
    Life of Professional Goals in Strive
    Tag Evaluations for Summative
    Upload Reference Documents
    PD - Access Workshop Settings
    PD - Setup Workshop Options
    PD - Manage Training Locations
    PD - Add Instructors and Guests
    PD - Set Course Credit Types
    PD - Create Course Categories
    PD - Import/Export Staff Portfolios

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Still have questions?
Who to contact:

Mary Garcia

ED Tech Admin Assistant

Steve Koester

Director of Edu. Technology

Still have questions?
Who to contact:

Nancy Bonds
Educational Tech Specialist
High School

Regina King
Educational Tech Specialist
Junior High

Laurinda Glenn
Educational Tech Specialist


Still have questions?
Who to contact:
Brandi Ray
Admin Assistant to CTO
DeeAnne Fagala
Help Desk Support Technician
Technology Specialist
Campus Assignments

Still have questions?

Who to contact:

Alicia Brooks 

Director of Information Services

Katie Miller

Administrative Assistant- Information Services



Still have questions?

Who to contact: 

Alicia Brooks

Director of Information Services

Navigating Rise Vision
  • This is the Presentations screen. In my example, I am using the Austin account, but your screen should look very similar. You should see a list of all presentations for the campus and a few buttons for adding templates.
    Presentation Section of Rise Vision

    Additional information provided on this screen includes if the presentation is published (updated on the tv so that everyone can see the changes) and when it was last modified.


    On this screen, you also have the option to create a new blank presentation by clicking add presentation or modify an existing template to make it your own by selecting shared templates. If you choose to add a new presentation not from shared templates I suggest only selecting add blank. Many of the Rise Vision templates include content zones that are paid apps, which means once the trial is expired that object will no longer work.



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  • The next screen I want to discuss is Displays. On this screen you are able to get a quick glance at how many displays you have and their status. Each display represents a Chromebox or TV, however you want to look at it.
    Displays Section of Rise Vision

    There are only a few things here that are going to be important to you. The first is the status symbol next to each display. These symbols represent the status of the Chromebox attached to the TV that allows Rise Vision to display your presentation.


    Green Check = Online
    Red X = Offline


    If ever you see a red X, that means you need to check and make sure the TV is still displaying the appropriate presentation. I also wouldn't rush to the device, instead give someone a call who is near the device to check for you. It is not uncommon for the status to turn red for just a few moments and come right back, but it can be a first notice that something may be wrong.

    The next thing I want to mention under the Displays section, is where to find the Display I.D. If, for some reason, the display ask for this I.D after initial setup, it is good to know where to find it. I have had very few do this before, but I feel like it is still important to point out.


    Where to find the display I.D:

    1. Click on a Display name.
    2. The first line under display details is the display ID. 

    When the displays are first configured, this I.D ties the Rise Vision app installed on the chromebox to an account and allows you to assign presentations to it.



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  • The last section to cover is schedules. Schedules tell each individual display to show "X" presentation at "X" time. You have the ability to display different presentations at different times of the day, or have a presentation display on certain days and another on the rest of the week. This can be for temporary purposes (like for an event) or to better utilize the display year round. The starting screen does not provide much information, so let's start by selecting a schedule for more detailed information.
    Schedules Section of Rise Vision

    Breakdown of Parts

    Timeline = When you want the schedule to run.
    *This should always be set to all day, no end date.

    Distribution = What display will receive this schedule. Usually only one device.

    Presentation / URL = What presentation(s) will be displayed on the TV according to this schedule.



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  • In order to add images to Rise Vision presentations, they must first be uploaded into netStart to obtain a URL per image.


    *You will need a login and rights to netStart in order to complete this process.


    How to Upload into netStart:

    1. Select the first page that shows up on your list in netStart (it can be any page).
    2. Under the options menu (top left), select file manager.
    3. Open common > TVDisplay and find your campus folder.
    4. Create a new folder named with the date within your campus folder.
    5. Hit upload > select photos to upload > hit upload.
    6. One at a time, right click open > right click copy image address (this is the URL).
    7. Paste the URL or image address directly into Rise Vision in the desired placeholder.



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  • You can change the background of a presentation in just four simple steps.


    However, if you want to use a custom made background, you will need to make sure you have a login and rights to netStart. NetStart is required for you to upload an image on the web, once uploaded, you can copy the image address or URL. Once you have the URL, follow these steps to update your presentation background.


    Steps to Update a Presentation Background

    1. Ensure you are on the presentation screen.
    2. Select the presentation you want to change.
    3. Towards the top of your screen, directly above the presentation, select the gear icon.
    4. Under background you have the option to use an image or simply select a color instead.

    Note: Images must be at least 1920 x 1080 and you will need to upload the image into netStart to obtain the URL.



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  • Before adding new content, you have to add a placeholder to put the content in. Simply click on the green button "Add Placeholder" at the top left of the window.


    Once you have created a placeholder, select image or text to add content. You can also select more to add a widget.


    Our most commonly used widgets are RSS feed and the date / time widget.
    *Be careful not to select a widget that states "7 day free trial", instead scroll to the bottom of the list and select from the free widgets.

    Screenshot of Content Zones in Rise Vision

    When adding images, you will need to select "By URL" at the bottom of the pop up window to add image by URL. Make sure you have uploaded any photos you want to add into netStart to convert the image to URL.


    Depending on the widget you will have different settings to choose from. Make note that if you want to format the date and time differently, make one placeholder with the time and date widget, but only select time (or date) not both. Then create a second placeholder with whichever you did not check (time or date) in the first placeholder. This allows you to format the text for each separately and place them on one under the other.



Press the enter key or spacebar to expand or collapse the accordion

  • To create an image slideshow multiple photos must first be added to a placeholder. In order to accomplish this, open the placeholder and select image. When the pop up window appears, fill in the URL for the photo you obtained by uploading the image into netStart. Repeat this process until the desired images are all present in the placeholder.


    If done correctly, it should look like this.

    Screenshot of Image Playlist for slideshow in Rise Vision

    To create the slideshow effect simply select properties and set transition to fade.


    By default each image is displayed for ten seconds, this can be changed by clicking the clock icon with green seconds amount and updating the duration for each image.



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Still have questions?
Who to contact:
Brittney Culpepper
Still have questions?
Who to contact:

Vanessa Arredondo

Administrative Technology Trainer

DeeAnne Fagala

Help Desk Support Technician

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