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Every position within GCCISD depends in some way on technology. The following link will take you to a page with some helpful explanations and instructions on how to access district technology resources.

Still have questions?
Who to contact:
Brandi Ray
Admin Assistant to CTO
Still have questions?
Who to contact:
Brandi Ray
Admin Assistant to CTO
DeeAnne Fagala
Help Desk Support Technician
Technology Specialist
Campus Assignments
Navigating Rise Vision
  • This is the Presentations screen. In my example, I am using the Austin account, but your screen should look very similar. You should see a list of all presentations for the campus and a few buttons for adding templates.
    Presentation Section of Rise Vision

    Additional information provided on this screen includes if the presentation is published (updated on the tv so that everyone can see the changes) and when it was last modified.


    On this screen, you also have the option to create a new blank presentation by clicking add presentation or modify an existing template to make it your own by selecting shared templates. If you choose to add a new presentation not from shared templates I suggest only selecting add blank. Many of the Rise Vision templates include content zones that are paid apps, which means once the trial is expired that object will no longer work.



  • The next screen I want to discuss is Displays. On this screen you are able to get a quick glance at how many displays you have and their status. Each display represents a Chromebox or TV, however you want to look at it.
    Displays Section of Rise Vision

    There are only a few things here that are going to be important to you. The first is the status symbol next to each display. These symbols represent the status of the Chromebox attached to the TV that allows Rise Vision to display your presentation.


    Green Check = Online
    Red X = Offline


    If ever you see a red X, that means you need to check and make sure the TV is still displaying the appropriate presentation. I also wouldn't rush to the device, instead give someone a call who is near the device to check for you. It is not uncommon for the status to turn red for just a few moments and come right back, but it can be a first notice that something may be wrong.

    The next thing I want to mention under the Displays section, is where to find the Display I.D. If, for some reason, the display ask for this I.D after initial setup, it is good to know where to find it. I have had very few do this before, but I feel like it is still important to point out.


    Where to find the display I.D:

    1. Click on a Display name.
    2. The first line under display details is the display ID. 

    When the displays are first configured, this I.D ties the Rise Vision app installed on the chromebox to an account and allows you to assign presentations to it.



  • The last section to cover is schedules. Schedules tell each individual display to show "X" presentation at "X" time. You have the ability to display different presentations at different times of the day, or have a presentation display on certain days and another on the rest of the week. This can be for temporary purposes (like for an event) or to better utilize the display year round. The starting screen does not provide much information, so let's start by selecting a schedule for more detailed information.
    Schedules Section of Rise Vision

    Breakdown of Parts

    Timeline = When you want the schedule to run.
    *This should always be set to all day, no end date.

    Distribution = What display will receive this schedule. Usually only one device.

    Presentation / URL = What presentation(s) will be displayed on the TV according to this schedule.



  • In order to add images to Rise Vision presentations, they must first be uploaded into netStart to obtain a URL per image.


    *You will need a login and rights to netStart in order to complete this process.


    How to Upload into netStart:

    1. Select the first page that shows up on your list in netStart (it can be any page).
    2. Under the options menu (top left), select file manager.
    3. Open common > TVDisplay and find your campus folder.
    4. Create a new folder named with the date within your campus folder.
    5. Hit upload > select photos to upload > hit upload.
    6. One at a time, right click open > right click copy image address (this is the URL).
    7. Paste the URL or image address directly into Rise Vision in the desired placeholder.



  • You can change the background of a presentation in just four simple steps.


    However, if you want to use a custom made background, you will need to make sure you have a login and rights to netStart. NetStart is required for you to upload an image on the web, once uploaded, you can copy the image address or URL. Once you have the URL, follow these steps to update your presentation background.


    Steps to Update a Presentation Background

    1. Ensure you are on the presentation screen.
    2. Select the presentation you want to change.
    3. Towards the top of your screen, directly above the presentation, select the gear icon.
    4. Under background you have the option to use an image or simply select a color instead.

    Note: Images must be at least 1920 x 1080 and you will need to upload the image into netStart to obtain the URL.



  • Before adding new content, you have to add a placeholder to put the content in. Simply click on the green button "Add Placeholder" at the top left of the window.


    Once you have created a placeholder, select image or text to add content. You can also select more to add a widget.


    Our most commonly used widgets are RSS feed and the date / time widget.
    *Be careful not to select a widget that states "7 day free trial", instead scroll to the bottom of the list and select from the free widgets.

    Screenshot of Content Zones in Rise Vision

    When adding images, you will need to select "By URL" at the bottom of the pop up window to add image by URL. Make sure you have uploaded any photos you want to add into netStart to convert the image to URL.


    Depending on the widget you will have different settings to choose from. Make note that if you want to format the date and time differently, make one placeholder with the time and date widget, but only select time (or date) not both. Then create a second placeholder with whichever you did not check (time or date) in the first placeholder. This allows you to format the text for each separately and place them on one under the other.



  • To create an image slideshow multiple photos must first be added to a placeholder. In order to accomplish this, open the placeholder and select image. When the pop up window appears, fill in the URL for the photo you obtained by uploading the image into netStart. Repeat this process until the desired images are all present in the placeholder.


    If done correctly, it should look like this.

    Screenshot of Image Playlist for slideshow in Rise Vision

    To create the slideshow effect simply select properties and set transition to fade.


    By default each image is displayed for ten seconds, this can be changed by clicking the clock icon with green seconds amount and updating the duration for each image.



Still have questions?
Who to contact:
Brittney Culpepper

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