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Microsoft User Agreement

a. Institution agrees to make reasonable efforts to notify its employees, agents, and other individuals running a Product that the Product is licensed from Microsoft and subject to the terms of this agreement.


a. Additionally, Institution must use reasonable efforts to make Users aware of the terms and conditions upon which they are allowed to run the Products. Accordingly, Institution must:


(i) Notify all Users in advance of running the Products that:


1) their use of the Products is subject to the terms of this agreement, including but not limited to limitations on liability, disclaimer of warranties and exclusion of remedies;


2) they are allowed to run the Products only during the Licensed Period;


3) if this agreement is terminated, or Institution does not submit an Enrollment or extension order prior to the expiration of the Licensed Period or purchase perpetual Licenses for the Products, then all Products run under this agreement must be deleted when the Licensed Period expires or is otherwise earlier terminated, whichever is first;


(ii) Periodically publish in an Institution wide publication and applicable web sites a reference to the location (either physical or on a computer network) where they can view the Product List and Product use rights. Microsoft publishes a copy of the Product List and Product use rights at