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Network Administrator 

The team is supported through a dedicated network administrative team, tasked with maintaining and deploying the core data networking infrastructure. Their primary services include:
  • Design, install, configure, maintain, and oversee Local Area Network (LAN) operations, including servers, workstations, and all associated server and network software
  • Create and troubleshoot instructional, administrative and workstation configuration settings throughout the district  
  • Create workstation and network software images for administrators, teachers, and students.
  • Research various software compatibility issues and address all GCCISD needs in this area.
  • Maintain network connectivity, including router, switching, wireless and wiring connectivity.
  • Perform various administration functions as needs occur, helping users with printer problems converting files, correctly using applications, configuring workstation addresses, and monitoring tape back up.
  • Train and provide technical support to students and staff on a daily basis.
  • Assist network managers and technicians during upgrades or configuration on large project.
  • Maintain current technology and plan for implementation of new technology.
  • Design, install, configure, maintain, and oversee all district Local Area and Wide Area Network Operations.
  • Perform various LAN Management functions as needs occur, including creating login ID's and groups, and maintaining applications, print servers, queues, and printers, etc.
  • Research, analyze, and develop software compatibility issues and determine the best implementation into our existing system. 
  • Evaluate and recommend new Enterprise application software.
  • Assist with technology related bids, such as workstations, wiring, servers, service contracts, etc. 
  • Create and manage documentation and data integrity for all areas.
  • Manage and monitor centralized backups to ensure backups work as scheduled. 
  • Perform tabletop exercises to validate backup and disaster recovery system design.