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Security Access

Security access of GCCISD' technology resources is strictly controlled. Any user of any technology system must complete Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) training and agree to abide by the standards, policies, and procedures defined or referenced in the AUP. Security access is supported by highly specialized staff that are responsible for providing the following process:

  • Setup and maintain for all district users, security access, folders, and rights, on the district’s local and wide area networks.
  • Maintain user documentation instructions for district technology access.
  • Assure security and confidentiality of data, information and organizational knowledge by:
    • Requiring a user ID and password for ALL access levels.
    • Implementing access policies at every level of system and application access.
    • Requiring a security form and acceptable use policy training, with management approvals.
  • Guarantee that each user is created using a predefined security group, and that all power user level accounts acquire additional training and authorization.
  • Provide management oversight to ensure all campus security forms are maintained.
  • If a contractor needs Student information access, please fill out the Form C and Form S.
  • Security Access Forms:

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