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Overview Teacher Edit Button

Learn an overview of the three tabs when using the Edit button to create a customized Data View in Aware.

Add, Remove, Reorder Data Fields

Learn about adding, removing, clearing, or reordering data fields when customizing data views in Aware.



Summarize by Subject

Learn how to combine scores and average scores across a subject area in order to create custom data views in Aware.

Applying Filters for Custom Data Views

Learn the basics for applying filters to narrow down a list of students who took an assessment based on a given criteria.



Save a Data View

Learn how to save and rename a data view so you can return to view it or use it later.

Find Saved Data Views

Learn where to find data views you have crated and saved in Aware.



How to Build a Class Data Card

Learn how to build a data card to track scores for students across multiple assessments.

Determine Online Testing Time

Learn how to determine how long students spent while taking an online assessment in Aware.



Combine Scores

Learn how to combine test scores from different test versions (language, level, etc).



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