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Mission and Goals


Our mission at Lamar Elementary School is to educate and nurture our children to become successful learners and productive citizens.




Lamar Elementary has PRIDE!

Professional, Respectful, Interdependent, & Dedicated to Excellence!


Special Programs, Services and Activities


In addition to regular instruction in grades kindergarten through five, Lamar Elementary offers bilingual kindergarten for students whose families qualify for this program. Our bilingual program includes all grade levels, and our kindergarten program is a full-day program. Throughout the school year, special programs offer several new learning opportunities to our curriculum. Among these are Lamar’s C.E.I. computer lab (helps students with learning differences to build language skills), Accelerated Reader, and DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) programs.


Community Support


We are grateful for the continuous support of our Partners in Education, Community Resource Credit Union, as well as our Lamar Parent-Teacher Organization, parent volunteers, and members of the Baytown Service League, and Junior Forum. Each of these organizations/individuals are invaluable resources to the overall quality of our program.


Awards and Incentives


We feel it is important to recognize student achievement in all areas, and awards and incentives serve to inspire our children to challenge themselves to be the best they can be. Some awards/incentives take an entire school year to earn (Lamar Proud Awards, Perfect Attendance Awards, Accelerated Reader Incentives, and Physical Fitness Awards). Others are awarded on a daily, weekly, six-weeks, quarterly, and semester basis (teacher incentives, Super Citizens, A/B Honor Roll, Honor Roll, Distinguished Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Accelerated Reader, and good behavior Big Deals).




Our mascot is the lion, our school colors are red and white, and our motto is “Our Lions, Our Pride!"