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About Us

Mission Statement

At Lee High School, we prepare each student to become an academically strong, college and career ready, accountable, productive, independent learner for life. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is for students to take ownership of their own learning.


Value Statement

Kid by Kid

Skill by Skill

Bell to Bell

School History

Built in 1928, Lee High School is located in the petrochemical industrial area of the Texas Gulf Coast. We are proud of our long history of educating GCCISD students. Our student population comes from the cities of Baytown and Highlands, with an enrollment of approximately 1,676 for 2010-2011. Our ethnic breakdown is 66.3 percent Hispanic, 15.5 percent African-American, 15 percent White and 3.2 percent belonging to other races. Our 2013 Accountability Rating: Met Standard. Distinctions Earned: Math, Student Progress


Over the years, our school has undergone numerous renovations, including the reconstruction of the main building following a devastating fire in 1987 and a new Art & Science building. These renovations have allowed us to offer a state-of-the-art learning facility while preserving the beauty of this historical landmark. In 2000 a new cafeteria was added along with 13 classrooms on the second floor.


Alma Mater

Set our hearts in tune with thee

Let wisdom be our light.

Thy strength and thy beauty

Shall make our pathway bright Forever.

Glory, laude, and honor

We would ever bring to thee.

And lift our voices in thy praise;

Let other thy spirit see.

Alma Mater, Alma Mater,

Give to us the key.

That through our days will open wide

The truth that makes us free.

May we ever forward march

And faithful, loyal be-

Victorious maroon and white,

The banners of R. E. LEE.