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6th Grade - 3et2ofh

7th Grade - qgxg72y

8th Grade - 4xc3c2o

counselor Jennifer Wolfford Picture

Jennifer Wolfford


6th Grade

7th Grade (A-L)

Phone: 281-420-4570

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About Me

  My name is Jennifer Wolfford and I am the 6th grade Counselor and 7 grade Counselor with last names ending in A-L at Cedar Bayou Middle school. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University, and a Masters in School Counseling from Lamar University.

  I have been in education for the past 15 years. The first 7 years, I was a teacher at Bowie Elementary, and the remaining 7 years were spent as an Elementary School Counselor at George Washington Carver Elementary. I am so excited to start my Middle School journey here at CBJ, where we are building bears. Below you will find ways in which the Student Wellness Department can help your student here at CBJ.

Guidance Academic

  • Advising
  • Scheduling Classroom
  • Character Building
  • Group counseling
  • Community Resources Information


  • Personal Concerns Counseling
  • Transitions
  • Student Assistance
  • Career Exploration
  • Peer/Conflict Counseling
  • Study/Organizing Skills
Mallory Lindon Counselor

Mallory Lindon


8th Grade

Grade 7th Grade (M-Z)

Phone: 281-420-4570

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About Me

My name is Mallory Lindon, and I am the 8th Grade Counselor and 7th Grade Counselor for the students in the last name alphabet M-Z at Cedar Bayou Junior School. I’m a product of GCCISD. I graduated from Ross S. Sterling in 2005 and went on to graduate from Lamar University in 2009 with my undergraduate degree in Communication and a graduate degree in School Counseling in 2016. I’m in my 10th year of education and I’m looking forward to working as a partner in the education and development of our CBJ Bears with our amazing parents!!! While this is only a brief introduction, if you would like to know more, please click the link below to view the “Meet Your Counselor Newsletter”. If you have questions at any time during the school year, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Meet the Counselor Newsletter

Picture of Melinda Crawford


Melinda Crawford

Student Wellness Interventionist


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About Me

My name is Melinda Crawford. I am a Student Wellness Interventionist at Cedar Bayou Jr. High. I graduated from SHSU in 2001 with a BA in English. I then started teaching and decided to pursue a master's degree in Education from SFA. After graduating in 2006,  I became a high school counselor in 2007. I then went on to pursue a master's degree in Counseling from Lamar University. I furthered degree by obtaining a license as a licensed professional counselor. My love for education and helping students have led me into my twentieth year in public education. I am married with three wonderful heartbeats, my daughters.  I enjoy the outdoors and participating in events with my children, to include cheerleading, tumbling, and softball. I look forward to serving your child as well.