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Cedar Bayou Crime Stoppers


Cedar Bayou Junior Crime Stoppers is a student led organization that falls under the adult Baytown Crime Stopper Board. Cedar Bayou Crime Stoppers Board consists of 30 members, ten for each grade level, and three sponsors.


Our organization’s mission is to provide students with the opportunity to give information by phone, anonymously, about any illegal activities at our campus in order to make it a safe learning environment. Rewards are given for tips that prevent a crime or tips which lead to the arrest or disciplinary action of a student committing an offense.


On the second Friday of each month the CBJ Crime Stoppers student board members meet to discuss these tips and vote on rewards for the positive tips. The amount of the reward may range from $5 to $50 dollars. Since the founding of the Cedar Bayou Crime Stoppers board $2,500 has been awarded for positive tips.

How do I report a tip to Crime Stoppers?


Follow the steps below to anonymously report a tip:



  1. Go to the front office and say that you want to call in a tip.
  2. When you call, don’t tell the person your name. They will give you number.
  3. REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER!! Write it down somewhere safe.
  4. After the next Crime Stoppers meeting, (2nd Friday of the month) go see the nurse. If your tip helped solve a crime, you will be given a reward.
  5. You’ll need the number given to you when you called to collect the reward.