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Career Academy for Future Educators at RSS
The Career Academy for Future Educators (CAFÉ) at Sterling prepares students for a career in Education. Students engage in exciting education curriculum, job shadowing, internships and college preparation activities. With a team of teachers at each grade level, students’ academic and technical classes integrate related education activities into their coursework and projects that span across academy classes. Business partners such as GCCISD Elementary, Junior, and High School campuses, Bay Area Rehab Center and local daycare centers provide students with internship opportunities to explore the vast field of teaching. Students participate in Texas Association for Future Educators (TAFE) and Educators Rising (state and national organizations) where they have the opportunity to compete against other  students  in  education  related  events.  Academy  students  earn  a  Public  Service  Endorsement  with  Performance Acknowledgments by earning Microsoft Office Specialist,  CPR and Education Aide (after graduation). They are also eligible for the BAER2  scholarship upon graduation. Students will have the opportunity to obtain an Associate of Arts in teaching.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Jade Cox, DC, M.Ed. (E-mail).