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Dianah Hicks, M.Ed.


students: A-K


Nicole Blakeslee, M.Ed.


students: L-Z

Nicole Blakeslee

Welcome to the Gentry Junior School counseling department!


Our two counselors are here to assist students with academic, personal, and/or family concerns. Their primary goal is to make each student's experience at Gentry Junior High School a rewarding and exemplary one.


How to schedule a visit with one of the counselors:


To schedule a visit, sign up in the front office. Please print your first and last name, the date and the reason you need to see the counselor. The counselor will then schedule a convenient time to see you. If it is an emergency and you need to see the counselor immediately, please put three (!!!) exclamation marks next to your name. Additionally, you can ask your teacher if you can visit us. Unless it is an emergency or your work is completed in class, please try to keep your visits during an elective time.


Services Available to Students

  • Study/Organizing Skills
  • College Readiness (Take a survey!)
  • Classroom Character Building
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Peer/Conflict Counseling
  • Scheduling Classes
  • Transition to High School Planning
  • Anti-Bullying Awareness
  • Community Resources Information
  • Academic Counseling