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Dress Code for Point Students




• Short-sleeved or Long-sleeved collard standard polo-style in solid Black, White or Gray.

• White undershirt may be worn underneath polo shirt.

• Shirt must be tucked into pants at all times.



• Must be plain Khaki material and Khaki or black in color.

• Pants must be free of holes or distressing.

• No Cargo, Sweatpants or Athletic shorts permitted.

• Leggings, Jeggings, Joggers or Tights are not permitted.

No Jeans or Denim pants

• Belts:  Plain solid black or brown belt.



• Plain sweatshirts in Gray or Black only.

• Sweatshirts must be free of pockets and hoods.

• To be worn at all times over the uniform shirt with collar visible; not to be tied around the waist, nor worn around the shoulders, nor carried.

• Coats and/or Jackets are NOT permitted in classrooms.


Shoes and Socks:

• Shoes can be any combination of Gray, Black or White.

• No open-toed shoes, flip flops, crocs, slides, slippers, high heels, wedges, etc.

• Socks may not display inappropriate designs or verbiage.



• Tattoos and/or any other drawings with visual, written, or implied, messages that are likely to disrupt the school environment. Examples of such prohibited visual, written, or implied messages include, but are not limited to, the gender, or ethnicity, or gang affiliation on the skin must be covered.


Accessories & Grooming:

• Hair must be well-groomed, non-distracting and kept out of the face area.

• No Mohawks allowed. • Male and female students with hair below the shoulders must tie hair up in a ponytail.

• Hair ties should be black, brown, white or gray.

• No ornamental hair accessories. (No hairbows, ribbons, barrettes, extensions with clips and etc.)

• No jewelry of any kind, piercing (tongue, nose, eyebrow, etc). Clear spacers may be used.

 No book bags or backpacks.

• No make-up is allowed.

• No long or fake nails are allowed.

• Nails must be under ¼” in length, no fingernail polish allowed.

• No cell phones, iPods, or other electronic devices/equipment, or accessories.


Special Notes: The administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the student’s dress attire and/or determine if the dress attire distracts the learning environment. Students not in proper dress code will contact parents, may be placed in ISS for the day and are subject to further disciplinary actions.