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Point System


Students are held accountable for their behavior through the use of a point card system. It is our goal to assist the students in learning to be responsible for their behavior as evidenced by their ability to function in a structured school setting. Each day the student will have the opportunity to earn 100 points. Any student failing to earn 80 points out of 100 will not earn credit for the day. If a student is suspended or placed in in-school suspension, the student’s length of placement will be adjusted accordingly. Any student with a 30-to-60-day placement may earn an early release by actively participating in weekly intervention sessions or completing community service. For every 10 sessions of Unlimited Vision, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Character Strong, Street Law, Counseling Services (DePelchin) or etc. A student will earn 2 days off of their placement. For every 2 days of community service with the Houston Food Bank/Point Program, a student will earn 1 day off of their placement.



During any full week of school (Monday – Friday), each student will have the opportunity to earn a jean-pass. Any student earning 500 pts within a week, is eligible to wear jeans with the PAC approved dress code on the Monday following the 500 pt point card.



Friday Point Alternative Center will offer Friday Rewards for students who have perfect attendance and have earned 80 pts or more for each day of the week.