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Attendance is a very important part of your child’s academic success in school. Regular attendance and punctuality are extremely important for your child’s academic success and are required of every student. It is imperative that your child attend school regularly and be on time. Please call the office if your child is absent, and upon the child’s return to school, send a written note within three (3) days to explain the nature of the absence. If a note is not received within the three day period, the absence will be considered unexcused. Parents are requested to check their report cards at the end of each six weeks to verify the accuracy of the attendance reported on the card. Students have one week after the report cards are issued to contact the school to make any corrections or changes to their attendance.


Truancy Prevention Measures


Students that accumulate unexcused absences will be referred to the principal/assistant principal and/or counselor for a conference to assist with truancy prevention options. A mandatory parent conference shall be held after the third unexcused absence with a school administration.


Tardies and Early Dismissals

Students who arrive after the start of the school day (tardy) or depart prior to the end of the school day (early dismissal) will be counted as tardy for local attendance purposes. Occasionally a student may need to leave school during the day for a doctor’s appointment or other personal reasons. Parents will need to report to the office in order for a student to be released early from class. Office personnel will notify the classroom teacher and the student will report to the office. All persons picking up students must be listed on the student data sheet. A state issued drivers license or ID card will be required when picking up students. Early dismissals are considered a partial day absence and will be counted the same as a tardy for attendance purposes. The parent of the students who accumulate a combination of 10 tardies and/or early dismissals during the school year will receive a Court Warning Letter from the campus indicating that the student has excessive tardies/early dismissals.