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First built in 1927 and rebuilt in 1996, Ashbel Smith Elementary School has been the first step in education for many Baytownians. Today, Ashbel Smith Elementary continues the tradition of excellence that our community expects from the students and staff.
The school mascot is the Jaguar. The school colors are royal blue and gold.
At the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, we had an enrollment of 599 students. Ashbel Smith Elementary School is home to a diverse group of students--7% White, 5.6% African-American, 85.3% Hispanic, 2% Other and 90% Economically Disadvantaged. The school's prekindergarten program serves students that are  four years old and who are not proficient in English or whose families qualify according to income guidelines.
Every Child Matters; Everyday Counts
Ashbel Smith is committed to educate all students to the highest level through rigor, relevance, relationships, and personal responsibility.
Ashbel Smith Elementary will increase student achievement by providing rigorous learning opportunities and curricula that meets students' needs for achieving exemplary academic and post-secondary success. Ashbel Smith Elementary will establish and maintain parental and community partnerships in education to enhance student achievement. Ashbel Smith Elementary will provide and maintain a safe, positive learning environment. Ashbel Smith will increase attendance rates which leads to increased student achievement .
Our campus has many programs and services such as: 

Apache Council

Bilingual Education

Parent-Teacher Organization

Special Education (Resource, Inclusion, SILC, & Bilingual PPCD)

Speech Therapy

Title 1 Program

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

Classroom Guidance provided by school counselor

Family Involvement on Campus

Accelerated Reader Program

Multicultural Education Career Education Program

Technology Education

Academic Instructional Specialists

SST(Student Support Team)

Character Education Program

Volunteer Program

Student Recognition Program

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