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Baytown Junior - Crime Stoppers

What is Crime Stoppers?


Crime Stoppers is an organization that rewards students who report rule violations at school.


Any student at Baytown Junior can report a crime, not just members of Crime Stoppers.


First, tell a teacher or another adult at school that you would like to call in a tip to Crime Stoppers. (don’t forget to get permission and a pass to class).


Make sure you bring a scrap of paper and something to write with to the phone, and call 281-427-TIPS(8477).


Say you’re from Baytown Junior School and that you want to report a tip. Tell the operator everything you know.


She’ll give you a code to write down, and you don't have to say your name.


You can call back as early as 48 hours after a Crime Stoppers meeting to see whether or not a reward will be issued.


At our meetings, we’ll find out if the tip was “good,” meaning the investigation found something. Then, we’ll vote on how much cash the tipster should receive. When you call the operator later, she’ll tell you where to pick up the money.


The SECRET part is very important. The students who call Crime Stoppers are not “tattle tales” or “snitches” –- they are just trying to make our campus a place where everyone can feel SAFE. It’s an easy way to help your school, help yourself, and make money at the same time!


How can I be in Crime Stoppers?


If you want to be a member of BJS Crime Stoppers, here’s what you need to know:

  • The students who are members of BJS Crime Stoppers go to meetings, help make sure everyone knows what to do when they need to call, raise money for tips, and decide how much money someone gets when they report a tip.


Learn More About Crime Stoppers


Baytown Crime Stoppers Information on the City of Baytown page


Check this site and the Crime Stoppers bulletin board for updated information and meeting dates!