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Mrs. Janie West

School Librarian

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  • We are a junior high school library with a certified librarian, providing literature, research assistance, and technology integration to approximately 1126 students and teachers on a day-in, day-out basis.
  • Library 8:30 AM-4:30 PM



    Patrons are welcome to visit the library between 8:30 am to 8:50 am, to exchange books, peruse magazines, and utilize student computers for research purposes, with a pass from any staff member OR passes are available at the front entry doors each morning.


    Circulation Policies...



    Books may be kept for two weeks, and may be renewed as long as there is no demand for the title.

  • Language Arts classes are scheduled to visit the library every other week where they receive a lesson coordinated to curriculum goals and exchange books. Additional visits may be scheduled through the librarian. All teachers are welcome and encouraged to visit the library by scheduling classes with Mrs. West on a come-as-needed basis. Individual students may visit the library to conduct research or exchange books if they have permission and a pass from their teacher. All individual/small group visitors should sign in on the entrance door iPad.
  • Library mission...


    The mission of the library program at Baytown Junior School is to collaborate with the faculty and teach information, evaluation, and retrieval skills while enhancing and supporting the curriculum through connectivity with technology. Students are provided with a current library collection, available in both print and digital, that is relevant, diverse, academic, popular, and recreational, to encourage lifelong readers and success in the world after completing their education.


    Library vision...


    The library is an integral center, collaborating with the school community to enhance, inspire, and challenge students to inquire, research, and be life long readers and learners, utilize technologies, access materials, and develop the maximum potential, both academically and personally.