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Ms. Kristen Olin

Phone: 281-420-4802 


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My role at IMPACT:  I am the IMPACT Sophomore English teacher, and Yearbook Sponsor. I also head up the English team here and sponsor our Pride Club, IMPACT Ink Slingers writing club, and the Crafty Crocheters club.

My philosophy about education:  As an IMPACT English II Honors teacher, I see my goal as preparing our students for success in English 1301 / 1302 the following year. And have seen some success in that area. But that means going the extra mile in analyzing and evaluating our texts and writing essays for college level critical thinking.

My work experience:  This is my third year at IMPACT, my 16th in Goose Creek (12 at Lee, 1 at Stuart), and my 21st in Education (HISD for the other 5). 

My MFA is in Creative Writing, but I rarely get time to focus on my own writing. And creative writing is not so much prep for 1301 or STAAR or TSI. Writing even for those areas is still pretty much my expertise. I always focus on how to make our writing in class or our clubs better.

A little something about me:  I love traveling, but its been hard lately. I went to Ireland and loved it. It is amazing. Then when doing my MFA did an abroad program with UTEP and went to London. I taught Creative Writing and did my own independent writing as well. But loved the sight

What I want you to know about IMPACT ECHS:  This school is a hidden gem....and those who do not know or understand what we do are missing out on a great team of teachers....and seriously motivated and awesome students who want the small campus and the support to succeed.


Interesting facts about me:  I was a total band nerd. Tenor saxophone, after struggling with the flute and clarinet....and middle school girl drama. Loved the saxophone, hated my band man convincing me to trade was never the same. Miss my horn. But I taught myself to play the piano, as well as, build on my grandmother's basic crocheting skills...which is why my crochet group sought me out.

And when I couldn't be on the field for marching band in Texas...I became a Color Guard Captain and took over.Purple...duh! Tacos...Indian / Thai / Sushi which I crave...and Mexican food, of course. Books, have you seen my room?? Music, thus the band nerd life. The Iowa Hawkeyes, much to Mr. M's chagrin and trickster antics. GO HAWKS!  And well....came from a fooTalking with my students about literature. (Yeah, that's why I teach English.) A good cup of coffee. Art that speaks to you in any form...again, come see my room Kandinsky, Monet, and my favorite IMPACT artists adorn my walls.Though I love dogs and am waiting for my emotional support dog from my silly student who sits in the back still....I am actually a cat person at the house. Both silly dog and cat videos lower your blood pressure and put a smile on your face. Try it. It be