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English Honors 9th  
Helen Becker

Dr. Lindsey Antonini

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My role at IMPACT:  I teach English I and Visual Media Analysis. I am also serving as the sponsor for the IMPACT chapter of the National Honor Society.

My philosophy about education:  Education should be about building supportive frameworks around the student. The four essential components of a student's educational experience are the student themselves, their teachers, their administrators, and their families. Much like the four legs of a table, when one is missing, the framework cannot continue to be supportive. So, teaching students how to advocate for themselves and become active participants in their own academic paradigm is the key to their success.

My work experience:  I began teaching in 2013 spending: 3 years at The University of Georgia as a college instructor and advisor, 2 years as an adjunct for Lee College, and 3 years at Lee High School as an English Language Arts teacher. This is my fourth year teaching English, and I really enjoy it. My PhD is in Linguistics, so I am personally interested in academic research, language phenomena, and the intersection between syntax and semantics. I also have some experience in formal logic, semiotics, and philosophy as a consequence of dealing with that intersection. My BA is in English Literature, and my focus was with French, German, and Russian existentialist/absurdist movements.

A little something about me:  My family has lived in Baytown since 1904. I love traveling, and I have been lucky enough to be able to spend time with my husbands family in Northern Ireland each summer. I also have Type 1 Diabetes, but I don't let it keep me from living a normal life.

What I want you to know about IMPACT ECHS:  The students here at IMPACT are just as intelligent and capable as the students on the other campuses in GCCISD; however, the main difference is that our Spartans are willing to advocate for themselves. In the brief time I have been teaching here, I have noticed that IMPACT's students rise to each and every challenge, ready to learn and improve their skills. Their motivation is inspiring, and their tenacious attitude is what sets this school on another level above the given expectations.


Interesting facts about me:  I have been powerlifting for more than a decade.I love spicy candy, fancy pens, and Japanese stationary. My favorite color is black, and yes - it is a Johnny Cash thing.It makes my day when my students tell me about a new video game they've played or a new puzzle they're trying to solve. I love hearing about all of the new technology they're into, and I get excited when they talk about their interests.Please reach out to me any time! I love having meetings with families to talk about their student's progress.