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Our Mission 

Highlands Elementary is committed to providing a comprehensive quality education to the whole child in order to empower them to become lifelong successful citizens.

Click here for our mission and vision statements.

Services, Programs and Activities

  • Grades 1st through 5th 
  • Dual Language Program from 1st-3rd Grade
  • Character Strong Curriculum 
  • Academic Teams providing quality instruction in reading, math, science, social studies.
  • Specialists providing programs in physical education, art, music, and media literature.
  • Dyslexia Program
  • Special Education Programs
  • Bilingual Education
  • Gifted and Talented (GATE) Program
  • Master teaching combined with highly integrated technology emphasis.
  • All classrooms networked with computers and one-to-one
  • Volunteer Parent Program
  • Watch DOGS program (Dad's of Great Students)
  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)
  • Student Recognition Programs
  • Character Trait Celebrations 
  • Reading Incentive Programs
  • American Heart Association’s “Kids Heart Challenge” — Recognized for 25 consecutive years by the American Heart Association as a top performer.
  • UIL
  • Student Hawk Council Organization
  • 4th & 5th Grade Choir 



  • Enrollment—approximately 750; 51% Hispanic, 36% Caucasian, 9% African American, 4% Other
  • Title I Campus since 2000
  • Partners In Education with the Rotary Club of Highlands, Texas
  • Paired campus with Hopper Primary, which serves grades Pre-K and Kindergarten 
  • Originally opened in 1926 as part of Crosby ISD; in 1928, joined GCCISD
  • Rebuilt in 1992 and is currently home to grades 1st through 5th
  • Texas Successful Schools Award System Honoree
  • TEPSA Student Council Leadership Awards Recipients 2022 & 2023 


Hawks SOARR Expectations

Our Motto is "Hawks SOARRR above the rest"! 

Our three R's stand for: