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It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I introduce myself to the Horace Mann Family as the newly named Principal. I am excited to return to middle school to serve our scholars, while working alongside campus leaders and educators to ensure we elevate and execute our students’ educational needs. Just stepping into the Home of the Gators and being immersed in the space of dedicated educators empowered me. I felt the energy of how we all are committed to providing every student a high-quality education in every classroom and providing leadership development every day. 


From the first day I stepped into the realm of education, I discovered how the significance of relationships and collaboration has an impact on student achievement. I have invested much of my life and career in developing positive relationships and creating quality learning experiences for students. The relationships I foster with teachers, parents and students ignite and leverage a solid foundation for student success and therefore I believe in clear and strong communication with everyone who has a role in all our students' success. You matter because you are here to make a difference in the lives of our students. Our relationships, our communication, our vision will lead us to true collaboration to make Horace Mann Jr. High a place where all scholars will reach their full potential.


My goal for our scholars includes but are not limited to building student leaders and making student and campus success a requirement not an option. At Horace Mann Junior School we focus on the Total Child, and we are here to guide students every day. Together We Teach, Together We Learn, Together We Lead.