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AR is BIG at DZ. Each child has a weekly goal to achieve. Please make sure your student is reading and taking AR tests, when finished with their books, so they can earn points and win prizes!

You can keep up with your child's AR points, average, and books read on the AR HomeConnect site. Use the student's ID number as the login and password. *Note: Students cannot take tests online at home

It is the sole responsibility of the parent to determine the appropriateness of the book(s) checked out for his/her child/student.

To ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information and to promote a lifelong love of literature by maintaining a quality collection of age appropriate resources.

It is the goal and vision of DeZavala Elementary School's Library Program to:


  • Provide an attractive, welcoming environment.
  • Provide a well-organized and comprehensive collection that meets the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Encourage collaboration between the librarian and all stakeholders in all curricular areas.
  • Maintain a collection that is continually assessed and plan steps for changes and improvements.

The library program encourages the use of subscription databases as the primary option for research but recognizes the use of other research tools as a secondary option when the subscription databases are not able to meet individual needs.


Users need to understand that any intentional misuse of data and/or computers will result in disciplinary action. This policy applies to all computer data created or maintained in the mainframe computer systems and data stored on file servers and workstations within the district.


Access to the district’s Internet is a privilege, not a right. Users are expected to use the Internet and other computer applications within the parameters set by the teacher in accordance to the intended activity. Noncompliance with the expectations of the lesson may result in suspension or termination of privileges as well as any disciplinary action consistent with district policies.

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