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Advancement via Individual Determination

The AVID program is designed to meet the educational and social needs of students in the middle - students who, with support, have the potential to succeed in a rigorous course of study and go on to attend and graduate from a four-year college or university. Through AVID, students - often from groups most underrepresented on post-secondary campuses - are prepared to meet four-year college entrance requirements by mastering college preparatory curricula.

The foundation of the AVID program is an elective class that provides academic support for students who aspire to college and who would benefit from daily in-school instructional support in order to be successful in a college preparatory course of study. AVID course content includes instruction intended to iunprove a variety of skills; tutorials designed to increase higher-level thinking and success in rigorous courses; and motivational activities, guest speakers, and college and career exploration.


Most students can succeed in rigorous courses and get into and through college by perseverance, hard work, and, as the AVID program's name reveals, "individual determination." However, many students need assistance in reaching the goal of going to college. AVID students are placed with a strong group of peers and adults who share a commitment to academic excellence and who work together for student success. In the AVID classroom, students find high expectations, encouragement, day-to-day help, a vision of college as an expected and attainable goal, and guidance in and skills for reaching that goal. Ultimately, AVID provides a social and academic structure to support students as they work to succeed.

Student Goals:

  •  Academic success in rigorous coursework (Pre/AP, AP, and/or Dual Credit)


Student Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a successful grade point average.
  • Maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes.
  • Maintain the AVID binder with assignments/grade record sheets and daily notes in all classes.
  • Study for tests, complete all homework assignments/projects and turn in on time, and commit to 1-2 hours of homework every night.
  • Maintain enrollment in college preparatory courses.


Desire and Determination:

  •  Desire to attend college
  • Willingness to give up another elective in order to reach your goals
  • Willingness to undertake demanding preparation for college