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GCM AVID Site Team

The GCM AVID site team consists of administrators, guidance counselors, AVID classroom teachers, and subject area teachers from each of the core areas. These site team members serve as advocates for AVID students and the AVID program, and provide a collegial support group working to ensure the program's success.

  • Kathy Holland - Principal 
  • Dr. Amanda James - Academic Dean 
  • Charlotte Harris - Global Business Academy
  • Alice Hoy - College & Career Counselor
  • Betsy Henry - AVID Counselor
  • Nancy Jacobs - AVID Coordinator
  • Lynn Staton - College & Career Clerk
  • Leslie Haymon - AVID Elective/Showcase
  • Marisa Coy Yepez - AVID Elective/Showcase
  • Kevin Kennerly - AVID Elective/Teacher Panel
  • Jennifer Laubach - English II
  • Keesha Luna - World History
  • John Lahmon - World Geography
  • Vaughn Ayres - Chemistry
  • Kelsey Rhodes - 504
  • Stephanie Schrull - World Geography/Showcase
  • Maria Garcia - Pre-Cal/Showcase
  • Kelly Mills - Biology/Showcase
  • Hollie Jones - AVID Elective/Academy
  • Jerrica Johnson - AVID Elective/Algebra I

The AVID Coordinator and the AVID Teachers teach the AVID Elective classes and work with other teachers to monitor student progress. With the support of the site team, they oversee tutors, arrange motivational and enrichment activities, coordinate parent programs, and arrange for speakers and college tours. AVID teachers serve as site team coordinators and are responsible for overseeing the program and for sharing techniques with colleagues.

  • Nancy Jacobs - AVID Coordinator, AVID III & IV 
  • Leslie Haymon - AVID II
  • Jerrica Johnson - AVID I & II 
  • Marisa Coy Yepez - AVID I 
  • Kevin Kennerly - AVID I
  • Hollie Jones - Global Business Academy AVID I