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French Students Earn 27 Medals at UTSA!

French Students at UTSA Competition


On Saturday. February 24, several students enrolled in the French program participated in a competition sponsored by the University of Texas San Antonio. Our students did well: they won the most medals, 27 overall!


A special THANK YOU to Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Aguilar, Mrs. Lewallen, Mr. McMurrey, and Mrs. Bravo for helping chaperone and helping Ms. Langlois handle the logistics ??, and to all of our staff who allowed the students to come to French class to practice the days before.


Here is the list of the students and their placement (some won in different divisions).  If they are in any of your classes or you know the student(s), please congratulate them for their commitment and achievement(s). Axel Moreno was the student who won the most medals among all the schools.


Vidéographie – Débutant  (Level 1)

1st Place               Axel Moreno

2nd Place              Emerson Vega

3rd Place             Ariel Lara


Vidéographie -Intermédiare  (Level 2)

1st Place            Pavithra Ramesh  

3rd Place           Dominic Wyatt             


Vidéographie – Avancé  (Honor/ AP)

1st Place             Omar Moreno             

2nd Place            Marco Bravo     


Instrumental Performance

1st Place              Hershey Rodriguez      

2nd Place             Camila Lara       


Theatre Performance (Avancé)

3rd  Place             Rosendo Escamilla& Ruben Ferndandez


Récitation- Débutant  (level 1)

1st Place            Axel Moreno 

3rd  Place          Ariel Lara


Récitation- Intermediare  ( Level 2)

1ST Place          Pavithra Ramesh  

2nd Place          Clarisa Martinez 

3rd Place          Natalia Hux     


Lecture préparée – débutant ( Level 1)

1st Place        Axel Moreno    

2nd Place       Emerson Vega      

3rd Place       Dina Moran


Lecture préparée – Intérmediare ( Level 2)

3rd Place               Clarisa Martinez 


Chant (débutant)

2nd Place           Ja’Nyah Hutchinson


Chant (Avancé)

2nd Place           Emelia Greenaway


Dictée- Débutant (Level 1)

1st Place    Zahir Barahona

2nd Place     Axel Moreno 


Dictée- Intérmediare ( Level 2)

2nd Place          Danna Perez

3rd Place          Dominic Wyatt


Lecture (non-prepared) Débutant (level 1)

1st Place      Axel Moreno


Lecture (non-prepared) (Avancé)

 3rd Place      Lizbeth Cardenas